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MAXIMUM INK HOLIDAY PARTY: Annex  Madison  12-21-00
BRADLEY FISH'S ELECTRIFRIED BAND will kick off the festivities at 8:30pm at the Max Ink holiday party on Thursday, Dec. 21. Of course, it will be FREE ADMISSION all night, plus FREE BEER at 8pm till it runs out!! Also appearing at the party will be Madison funksters UNIVERSAL SOUL ENSEMBLE to be followed by GRIP, Shawn Brown's new band, and Madison reggae-funk-rock sextet REASON FOR LEAVING. Get there early, it's sure to be packed!

ROCK THE EVE 2001: Annex  Madison  12-31-00
New years eve in Madison brings ANGELS OR INSECTS, MUZZY LUCTIN, PLASTIC, UNCLE EDDIE, 420, PUSH THING, BEGIN THE END & DJ's between. It's $12 advance, $15 D.O.S. and the doors open at 6pm. Are you ready to rock? With WJJO sponsorship this part will have plenty of FREE food, party favors and champagne at midnight. They're gonna bring in extra lasers and lights plus projection screens. Don't forget to bring your 3d glasses!

ERICA MATHER TRIO - Restaurant Magnus - Madison  12-9-00
Erica Mather  Piano, voice. Todd Hill  Bass. Michael Brenneis  Drums, Percussion. Need I say more?

MARIANNE FLEMMING  Club Tavern  Middleton  12-8-00  5:30-7:30pm
Travelling folk singer Marianne Flemming is in the area. Catch her quick as she's headed back to Florida soon. Check out her cd "Venetian Dreams" at a website and music catalog that specializes in women made music at Her cd can also be found at

FREE BEER, FREE buffet of "Ass kickin' Chow", door prizes and AMERICAN DEATH (get in touch with your trailer-rock side), AUNT BEAPH (Frank Zappa on steroids and heroin), and UNCLE EDDIE (did they just play a BOC tune?). Email for more info and directions.

WORT 25TH ANNIVERSARY - Madison - Ocayz  12-15-00
WORT celebrates 25 years of existence with a new book on its history (see ad in calendar), and are throwing a benefit show at O'Cayz Corral in Madison on Dec. 15. The show will feature local Crustacean Records artists MAD TRUCKER GONE MAD, who've traded a little twang for a bit more of a speedy and stripped down blend of punk! Plus DRUNK DRIVERS from Eau Claire and TEXAS HORSE CRIPPLER, which features Shad and Alex of TONGUE fame (Congratulations to Shad and Mia, by the way, who just got married). THC is finishing up an EP at Coney Island Studios and will be out this spring. Bring your earplugs, drink lots of beer and go nuts!!

O'CAYZ CORRAL: 20th Anniversary party. New Year's Eve. Madison.
Prepare yourself for MERRICK, TORMENTULA, 'CUDA, MAD TRUCKER GONE MAD and SYSTEM AND STATION. This party is sure to go all night! Bring your earplugs, drink lots of beer and go nuts at this as well.

THE OTHER KIDS Reunion Show  Madison  O'Cayz Corral  1-06-01
Madison rock trio THE OTHER KIDS will be playing a reunion show at O'cazy Corral on Saturday, Jan. 6th, 2001. Who would've thought 25 years ago that your first show in 2001 would be the OTHER KIDS? This will be the first show that the band has played since '94 and will feature songs from the band's seven year career. Having formed in 1984, original members Steve Watson, Allyn Watson and Chris Fink recorded three albums (and I mean record albums!) on Madison's own BOAT records, all recorded and produced by none other than Smart Studios and Butch Vig back when Butch was just a drummer for a local band. NEVERLAND, all three of their albums on a double CD set, is available at their website, as well as the band's entire story.
INDIGENOUS will be filming for an upcoming DVD of live performances and a video for the song "Rest of my Days" at Luther's Blues in Madison this Friday, Dec. 8th. INDIGENOUS starts at 10pm and CHRIS AARON BAND will open the show at 8:30pm.

In Wisconsin for two shows, SHUVEL brings their dual-vocal rock-rhyming attack to the Barrymore Theatre in Madison on Friday, Dec. 8th and Saturday, Dec. 9th at the Rave in Milwaukee. If you didn't catch their morning sets at Ozzfest, get there early to see the Wichita, KS natives with tour mates CRAZYTOWN and SLAVES ON DOPE.

FACTORY 81  -  Madison  Orpheum - 12-11-00, Milw  Rave - 12-14, Chicago  The Metro  12-19-00
Mojo/Universal recording artist's FACTORY 81 provides combination of funk-metal rhythms, Middle Eastern melodies and hip-hop grooves. Catch them opening for KITTIE and NONPOINT at the Orpheum Theatre on 12/11.

Have you ever wanted a guitar lesson from BB King or Richie Havens or Sammy Hagar or Charlie Hunter? Those are just some of the names featured on  . This online, musician's resource teaches guitar over the internet, by new artists every week. Lessons are taken with the legends via streaming software. The service is totally free and has over 24 hours of archived footage.

This website features online galleries featuring Bob Gruen's classic photographs of the Sex Pistols. Original photos can be purchased and are signed and annotated by the photographer. Prints made to order from original film. Lots of good historical info and personal stories.

KITTIE - press photo
SHUVEL- press photo