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Is the next hotbed for music Kentucky? I'm not sure, but these guys have a lot of heart and rock pretty hard. Some might remember them, they were the three "other" guys in Travis Meek's DAYS OF THE NEW (former Max Ink cover; 8/98). Shortly after going platinum and suffering artistic differences, Travis and the band split. The band, guitartist Todd Whitener, bassist Jesse Vest and drummer Matt Taul, found itself back in Kentucky, broke and without a singer. It wasn't long before singer Hugo Ferreira heard a demo of the band, packed his stuff in a U-Haul and moved from Detroit to Louisville. Soon after a record deal with Maverick, the band was in the studio with producer Toby Wright (Alice In Chains, Korn). The new record blends pure, acoustic melodies with crunchy guitar exteriors, vocal harmonies and heavy rhythm. Now this is not Slipknot or any of the screamy stuff, if you're in the Creed, Days Of The New, 420 style, this is up your alley.

Inferno - Madison -  Friday, January 5th
With Uncle Eddie, Aunt Beaph, Biff 'N Blunt
The infamous makers of Madison metal mayhem are back! Brings back memories of smoke filled, drunken O'Cayz shows.

Well, Madison's own SONIC FOUNDRY found itself on the list of dot-com companies that lists as going under. Witness the carnage for yourself as the list grows continually. Some might be happy to see listed as well, hopefully Captain Kirk can find something better to do than sing lounge music.

Punk, swing, psychedelia, jazz….what does that equal? JAZZ-A-BILLY. Dave Leucinger may have to add a new style to his column! Ethosypathos is their live, web-only realease recorded live from their tour in Colorado last spring. The band boasts both electic influence and skilled musicianship to create a performance that is blended to just the right thickness. The band is currently recording in their basement studio but plays around the Milwaukee, Madison and the Valley often. Keep an eye on their website for gig dates and their incredibly long bio.
Based in St. Paul, MN, UHQ bring their hillbilly-roots-jam-rock style to Wisconsin in support of their recent releases Beautiful Lazy and Lanky But Macho.  Their website lists that they were scheduled to play O'Cayz on Jan. 17, keep your eyes open to see if this date gets rescheduled. They are also playing Thai Joe's in Milwaukee on Jan. 19, Jackson Street Station in Janesville on Jan. 20, No Exit Café in Chicago and Café Montmartre in Madison on Feb. 3rd.

SWAMP THING, John Kruth, Yammer
Mother Fools  Fri., Jan., 12, 2001
The last time I remember seeing Swamp Thing, singer Jonathon Zarov handed a fan twenty bucks from the stage (so they could go to the store to by bread products to cook in their onstage toaster) then stripped to his speedo and jumped in lake Mendota (this was at the Terrace in Madison) to their tune "I Go Swimming". When not jumping in lakes in can remember him hanging from the rafters at the old Nar Bar. This Rare performance at Mother Fools is not to be missed. Swamp Thing blend rock, jazz and classical into a spicy blend of original music that will make you laugh and cry. John Kruth is also on the bill bringing his unique style of electric mandolin.

Crystal Corner  Feb. 3, 2001
Ladybeard, Swamp Thing…..gotta metion the Gomers. Madison's can of mixed nuts is back! They are recording a CD of new music at Smart Studios so they decided to grace us with another reunion show. Claiming to be a "Rock Opera" this time with three movements, the show's theme through the sets will be Space, Time and Sex & More Sex. Hmmm… who knows what Biff and the boys have planned but I'm sure it will be hysterical.